NFC Playoff Picture: Division Winners

NFC North

Going into week 16, the Chicago Bears (8-6) are favored to make the playoffs over the Green Bay Packers (7-6-1) thanks in large part to the Packers week 12 tie against the Vikings. The Bears beat the Packers in week 9 on Monday Night Football and will face off again in week 17 at Soldier Field. If both teams win in week 16 (Bears @ Eagles, Packers vs. Steelers), the winner of their matchup will take the division.

There is still a chance, albeit small, that Detroit can swoop in and take the NFC North playoff spot. In order for that to happen, both Chicago and Green Bay would need to lose in week 16 and Detroit would need to beat the Giants in Detroit and then the Vikings in Minnesota.

BSports Projections: Bears: 43.2%, Packers: 39.8%, Lions: 17%


NFC East

The NFC East has been a two team race for some time now. Philadelphia (8-6) is one game up on Dallas (7-7) going into week 16. Both teams lost last week, Dallas in particularly embarrassing fashion, so Dallas still technically controls their fate. If Dallas loses to Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins (3-11 ) in Washington and Philadelphia beats Chicago at home, it’s over and Philadelphia will make the playoffs. In the event that both teams win this week OR both teams lose this week, the NFC East division title game will be at Jerryworld in week 17.

BSports Projections: Eagles: 57.1%, Cowboys: 42.9%


NFC South

The New Orleans Saints (10-4) and the Carolina Panthers (10-4) face off in week 16 in Charlotte. Quarterback Drew Brees has struggled on the road this season, including ugly losses in St. Louis, Seattle, and New York. The Saints defeated Carolina in week 14 so if they win on Sunday, they win the division. However, if Cam Newton and the Panthers are able to keep their momentum going and pull off a win at home AND again in Atlanta in week 17, they will win the division.

BSports Projections: Saints: 62.4%, Panthers: 37.6%


NFC West

Seattle (12-2) has already clinched a playoff spot, but could hypothetically lose the NFC West. If by some crazy twist of events the San Francisco 49ers (10-4) win out against Atlanta (4-10) and Arizona (9-5) AND Seattle loses their two remaining games against Arizona and St. Louis (6-8), they could pull it off. The 49ers would win the tie breaker over Seattle based on win percentage in division games.

BSports Projections: Seahawks: 98.1%, 49ers: 1.9%


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