NFL Playoff Picture: AFC & NFC Conference Winner Predictions


Heading into Wild-Card Weekend, let’s take a look at the likely AFC and NFC conference winners and those with the best shot of making it to Super Bowl XLVIII.


Denver Broncos (BSports Projections: 46%) – FIRST ROUND BYE

The Denver Broncos have been the obvious favorite all season. This has been the season of Peyton Manning, who has been shattering records all year including most points in a single season (606) and most touchdowns in a single season (55). The Broncos have the highest percentage chance of winning the AFC according to BSports predictions, and at this moment are also the predicted front runner for the Super Bowl (26.6%).


New England Patriots (BSports Projections: 28.6%) – FIRST ROUND BYE

Tom Brady is no stranger to the NFL postseason. As the all-time leader in playoff wins for a quarterback, he has 17 wins under his belt and only six losses. It seems like fans may get another Brady-Manning Bowl for the AFC Title Game.


Cincinnati Bengals (BSports Projections: 13.6%) vs. Chargers on Sunday

Andy Dalton can’t expect to win playoff games throwing picks the way he did last week against the Ravens. However, the Bengals went into San Diego and defeated the Chargers just a month ago, and it seems like they could easily get the sweep this weekend after the Chargers barely snuck into the playoffs after a blown call against the Kansas City Chiefs backups on Sunday.


Kansas City Chiefs (BSports Projections: 5.7%) @ Colts on Saturday

Indianapolis Colts (BSports Projections: 5.1%) vs. Chiefs on Saturday

San Diego Chargers (BSports Projections: 1.1%) @ Bengals on Sunday



Seattle Seahawks (BSports Projections: 38.9%) – FIRST ROUND BYE

Since very early on this season the Seattle Seahawks have been the pick to win the NFC. The discussion has focused on no team being able to beat Seattle in Seattle (they have lost only one game at home all season). With home field advantage through the playoffs; the road to the NFC title is through Seattle.


Carolina Panthers (BSports Projections: 29.4%) – FIRST ROUND BYE

Cam Newton has been on fire as of late and with help from the Carolina defense, the Panthers are a force to be reckoned with. In last weekend’s win over Atlanta, the defense sacked Matt Ryan 9 times and Cam Newton rushed for a season-high 72 yards. Since week 6, the Panthers have lost only one game and are among the top favorites to take the NFC.


San Francisco 49ers (BSports Projections: 12.4%)@ Packers on Sunday

After making it to the Super Bowl last year, the 49ers started off slowly but finished the season strong on a six game winning streak. They are in a tough spot going into Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers back at quarterback and Randall Cobb off the IR.


Philadelphia Eagles (BSports Projections: 8.2%) vs. Saints on Saturday

Green Bay Packers (BSports Projections: 6.1%) vs. 49ers on Sunday

New Orleans Saints (BSports Projections: 5.1%) @ Eagles on Saturday


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